Why Use A Recruiting Firm To Find Qualified Candidates?

New Source Recruiting Saves Employers Both Time and Money.
Business owners understand that that time is money. Taking time out of your day to source candidates, create, post and pay to advertise job orders, scour through stacks of resumes, create offers, process onboarding paperwork, perform background checks, drug tests, and the like can be exceptionally time consuming and very costly to an employer. Why pay the extra when we charge a simple flat percentage rate based on the contracters salary? In comparison to what you, the business owner, would normally pay to find the right candidate, this option clearly adds a significant savings to your bottom line.

New Source Recruiting offers the following types of services for employers:

Posting Jobs, Sourcing, Screening and Interviewing Candidates. We fill both temporary and permanent positions after precreening and qualifying select candidates to determine if they have the right skills for the job. Once we find a match, we’ll set up an interview for the employer to meet the candidate. If the employer is happy with our selection, we’ll close the deal. We keep it simple for both the employer and the candidate by doing all of the hard work in between. We also save employers time and expense in paying to post on multiple job boards, which can easily cost an employer hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars. Posting jobs is included in our fee along with sifting through resumes and doing all of the leg work that can take up a lot of an employers time. Let us us help you find the right fit! We’re just a phone call away! 1-603-731-6708 Monday – Friday 8:am to 5:pm

Direct Hire – If you like the candidate that we send you right away, you can hire them on the spot for a predetermined placement fee.

Contract Hire – This gives employers the option to evaluate a new hire for several weeks before committing to bringing them on board permanently. If you find that you’re happy with the placement, you can continue to utilize our back office services for payroll, insurance and the like, or you can take advantage of our conversion plan and hire the candidate directly.

Call New Source Recruiting today at 1-603-731-6708. We’re available Monday through Friday from 8:am to 5:pm or by appointment and look forward to helping you with all of your staffing needs!